Mityana District

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Vision, Mission And Goal

Vision, Mission And Goal

Vision: A prosperous district with sustainable high standards of living.

Mission: To serve the people of Mityana through coordinated and effective delivery of services which focuses on both national and local priorities in order to promote sustainable social and economic development of the district?

Principles and Values:

Efficiency and Effectiveness



Transparency and Accountability

Responsiveness/ Timeliness





Ethics and Integrity


-Efficiency and Effectiveness:We shall optimally use available resources to achive the intended results, outputs and targets.

-Impartiality: We shall treat all our clients equally and fairly in service delivery irrespective of sex,religionethnic background or political affiliation.

-Proffessionalism: All the decisions will be based on proffesionalism,merit and public service code of conduct and ethics.

-Transparency and Accountability: We shall be as open as possible and accountable about all the decisions and actions taken.

-Responsiveness/ Timeliness: We shall attend to our clients' suggestions, requests and criticism in a timely manner.

-Partnership: We shall engage all our development partners including ministries and departmental agencies,international agencies and fellow local government, NGOs,Civil society and private sector.

-Diligence: We shall encourage team spirit and work hard to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

-Discipline: We shall behave in a manner befitting a public servant and shall conform to rules,regulations,public service code of conduct and other specific professional codes of conduct.

-Loyality: We shall be committed to the implementationof all government and district local government policies and programs without favor.

-Ethics and Integrity: We shall not comprise our professional behavior in the performence of our duties.

-Decency: We shall try to be respectable and conform to morally acceptable standards to society.